7 Fun And Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Facts

I consider myself lucky enough to know these little-known St. Patrick’s facts, so I wanted to share them with all of you. Here are the top 7 lucky and fun St. Patrick’s day facts you can use to impress your friends.

  1. St. Patrick wasn’t Irish…he was actually English.
  2. The Chicago river is dyed green every year for St. Patrick’s Day.
  3. Shamrocks aren’t four leaf clovers. A real shamrock only has three leaves.
  4. The four leaves of an actual four-leafed clover represent faith, hope, love and luck.
  5. The original color of St. Patrick’s Day was supposed to be blue. After years of using a shamrock as a symbol, people adopted the color green over blue.
  6. The tradition of wearing green comes from the tall tale that leprechauns can’t see the color green and that they would pinch anyone they see on St. Patrick’s Day.
  7. The New York City St. Patrick’s Day parade is believed to be the oldest St. Patrick’s Day parade, starting in 1762.

Good news! Leprechauns probably won’t pinch you if you’re not wearing any green this St. Patrick’s Day. But what do I know? Better safe than sorry, so make sure you’re decked out head to toe with green on March 17th and have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day.