How To Host A Ballin’ Sport-Watching Party

It’s sport-watching season! And there’s nothing I love more than having people over to eat, hang out and catch a game. So whether your family is into baseball, football or anything else, here are my tips for turning any get-together into a ballin’ sport-watching party.

Make The Space Comfortable—If you want people to relax at your party, you need to ensure you have proper seating. Count the people on your guest list and make sure you have at least two more spots available than the number of people coming. Consider pulling in chairs from your dining room or kitchen. It might be a good opportunity to find new throw pillows and couch blankets.

Plan An Accommodating Menu—If guests are coming to your party to watch a game, there’s a chance they’re going to be there during a traditional mealtime. Don’t feel like you need to plan a full sit-down menu. But finger foods like chips with dip, hot wings and even a delivery pizza are easy to eat with your hands while watching the game. For extra flair, theme the food to fit the team or the game.

Cool Things Down—Nothing is more uncomfortable to a guest than an overly warm environment. And while your house temperature is probably comfortable most of the time, when you add two, ten, or even fifteen extra bodies to a room, it’s going to heat up fast. Most people don’t turn up the A/C or down the heating until after it’s already too hot. But at that point, you are fighting a losing battle. Adjust the temperature in your house to be five to ten degrees cooler a full four hours before your party starts. That way you never have the uncomfortable moment where everyone realizes it’s too hot.

Label Drink Cups—Have you ever attended a party, put your drink down and realized later that your drink look identical to someone else’s? Help yourself and your guests identify their drinks by putting a Sharpie or label maker by the drink station. This allows people to mark their drinks, so you don’t have any drink confusion or as much drink waste.

There you have it, remember these four tips the next time you plan a sport-watching party, and it’s sure to be a hit with all of your family and friends. Good luck to whatever team you’re rooting for.