How To Pack The Perfect Back-To-School Lunch

With the kiddos going back to school, that means preparing them for the best hour of the school day—lunch hour. But packing the perfect school lunch isn’t easy. That’s why I’ve put together a menu roadmap to make packing a sack lunch easier. Be sure to pack at least one item from every category and you’ll never flunk school lunches again!

Sandwich – It’s a classic for a reason. Sandwiches are the perfect entree to build your lunch around. Depending on your kid’s preferences you can go traditional with a peanut butter and jelly, or you can mix things up with a meat and cheese sandwich. Either way, don’t forget to cut it!

Fruit/Vegetables – Mealtime is all about balance. An easy way to add balance and nutrition to your lunch is with the addition of fresh fruits and vegetables. Orange slices and strawberries are always kid-friendly fruit options. While carrot sticks or cucumber slices with ranch dipping sauce is a great veggie option.  

Dairy – Unless your kiddo is lactose intolerant, yogurt is a healthy addition to any school lunch. Items like string cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt all have a healthy dose of protein, which will help your little learner stay fuller for longer. 

Crunchy – The best lunches have a variety of textures. That’s why it’s important to include fun, textured items like chips, crackers or pretzels. Just be sure to pack the crunchies in a container that won’t get crushed in the lunch box!

Sweet – No meal is complete without dessert! It doesn’t need to be large, but don’t forget to include a little something sweet for your kiddo to enjoy with their meal. Fun-sized candy and even Jell-O packs are great options. 

Tools – Before you zip up the lunchbox, make sure your kiddo has everything they need to enjoy their meal. Include an icepack if anything in the box should be enjoyed cold. And include a spoon or fork if any foods require utensils. 

Once everything is packed, add a little extra love by writing your little learner a heart-felt note and send them off for a wonderful day at school!