Plant The Perfect Garden

April showers may bring May flowers, but only if you plant the seeds first. With Earth Day right around the corner, I figured there’s no better time to start a garden. Luckily, I’ve already done all the research, so you can start gardening today. Whether you’re planting decorative flowers or fruits and vegetables to eat, these tips will help your garden thrive all spring and summer long.  

Skip Soiled Soil

Healthy soil equals healthy plants. If the soil in your yard seems dry or sandy, you might want to mix in some plant nutrients or integrate a bag of Topsoil into the desired area.

Location, Location, Location

A healthy amount of sunlight is needed to help just about every plant thrive. Some plants require less sunlight than others but it’s important to grow your plant where it’ll receive the light it needs. Before planting anything, read the instructions and identify your plant’s lighting requirements.

Water Roots, Not Leaves

You must water your plants well, but be sure to water around the roots of the plant and not directly on the leaves. The roots use the water to nourish the plant and if you over water the leaves it can lead to mold and other unpleasantries.

Protect The Plants

Whether it’s kids running in the yard or cute critters looking to make a meal of your hard work, your plants are at risk every day. Do your best to protect them by planting them on a platform or fencing them in. Also consider investing in animal deterrents if rodents like rabbits and squirrels are particularly hungry in your neighborhood.

Start Small

Sometimes it’s beneficial to jump in with both feet, but growing a garden can be tricky, so start with something small and manageable. If you master what you’ve got this year, when the time comes around again next year, you can increase your production.

Follow these easy gardening tips and your plants will be booming by the time Earth Day rolls around!